Current and Upcoming Events

This page always contains the most up-to-date information about current and upcoming competitions in which we participate. During a competition, it is updated several times a day, for example by adding results or links to live streams.

RoboCup German Open 2024

For the first time since 2019, the RoboCup German Open are again a large central event that features multiple robotics competitions. We play - together with eight other teams from Germany, the Netherlands, and Canada - in the Standard Platform League. The preliminary round of this tournament will be played according to the Swiss System. Thus, our opponents as well as the exact kickoff times will be determined just a few hours in advance.

B-Human Schedule and Results

Day Time (Bremen Time) Event Livestream / Result
18.4. 14:00 B-Human vs. Naova 8:1
18.4. 17:50 B-Human vs. Nao Devils 9:0
19.4. 9:00 B-Human vs. HULKs 6:0
19.4. 13:00 B-Human vs. HTWK Robots 3:0
19.4. 18:10 B-Human vs. R-Zwei Kickers 6:0
20.4. 10:00 Semifinal B-Human vs. Nao Devils 10:0
20.4. 14:30 Final B-Human vs. HTWK Robots 4:1

RoboCup 2024

Description is coming soon

RoboCup 2025

  • Place: Salvador da Bahia, Congress Center
  • Date: Summer 2025

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