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CONTACT Software is among the leading vendors of open solutions for the innovation process. These solutions provide the necessary support during product data management (PDM), product lifecycle management (PLM) and project management.


JUST ADD AI (JAAI) helps companies to understand and apply the latest AI technology to their business. JAAI’s focus is on developing scalable AI solutions that create immediate value for our customers. Our team includes top specialists in language processing, computer vision, big data and robotics, as well as experienced IT managers and architects. Our mission: “Unlock Human Talent”. AI opens up new scope for the unfolding of human talents’ full potential by automating repetitive and time-consuming activities.
cellumation develops and builds intelligent modular technologies for automated material flow on a very small footprint. The principle is simple: a hexagonal component – the cell – is brought to life by intelligent software. The cells can be assembled into any layout, handle complex conveying tasks and transport different goods without changeover times. The goal is set: In the future, every package delivered worldwide should have touched a cellumation cell. To achieve this goal, 78 employees work, develop, grow and produce hand-in-hand at the Bremen site.
Ubica Robotics develops and manufactures autonomous scanning robots and AI image processing software to create semantic digital twins of brick-and-mortar retail stores. The robots are equipped with high-precision sensor technology that enables them to recognize and locate the shops layout, shelf layout and shelf stock with millimeter accuracy. An accurate image of the store, the digital twin, is then reconstructed from the daily data collected by the robot. This enables retailers to optimize existing store processes and introduce new ones that were previously impossible or too labor-intensive. Founded in 2020 and growing steadily, Ubica now employs more than 40 people in Bremen and has more than 100 autonomous robots in use at customer sites.
Alumni der Universität Bremen e.V. is the University of Bremen's interdepartmental alumni network. It supports networking among graduates and maintains their connection to the university.

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B-Human is an important project to the University of Bremen, in which students get the opportunity to take their knowledge and skills to a test. Setting goals is vital for the future, in the areas of autonomous systems and artificial intelligence, to create these in a playful manner and to combine them with robotics. The students will gather experiences and core capabilities, which are a must for every student, as high technological agencies and associations are looking for these standards. Since the founding of the B-Human team, the team itself continuously achieved to be in the top positions at national and international competitions. As our work is very innovative and taking place at a very high technological level it requires a lot of resources to be successful. The B-Human team achieved consistently good placements since its foundation. Our robots belong to the most attractive and most photographed ones on every RoboCup competition. In order to continue our successful work we are currently looking for cooperation partners. As a consideration for your support we can offer the following efforts:
  • Public performances with the robots
  • Presenting your logo on public performances and competitions (on t-shirts, …)
  • Placement of your logo on the robots
  • Presenting and linking your logo on our website
Our project is to support dependent. We would greatly appreciate a chance, in which we can raise your interest in us and maybe discuss some opportunities.

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